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Golden Temple

Work-Trade Positions for those in Need

   Our preference is for everybody to contribute the requested $/Quetzal amount, so that we can generate the most jobs for the local economy, and get more money to Mayan families here.  In a village where more than half the people have no work in the rainy season, our vision for Golden Temple Farms is to create a thriving Yogic Permaculture Campus that supplies abundant jobs, opportunites for learning, and super-nutritious foods to our friends and neighbors.


   However, we understand that some people cannot pay this amount in full, and have much more abundant time than money.  It is a 30 - 40 minute hike from the center of San Marcos to Super Utz Farms & El Templo, and the work will not be easy, but you will learn a lot from our Mayan crew and experience the full beauty of the Guatemalan Highlands.  You will need to be in pretty great physical shape to complete a work-trade on the mountain here.


    The work-trade is valued at one day of your labor (8 hours) for one 8 hour day of the Yoga Training.  Everyone is asked to complete your hours fully before the Immersion begins.  We have different levels of work-trades available on a first-confirm, first serve basis, so contact sooner rather than later to reserve your place.


     Email me at if you would like to talk personally about your situation.  We'll need to solidify the agreement well before Training begins, so let us know as soon as you feel called to contribute here.


Thank You So Much for Your Interest,

 Sat Nam!



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