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Why the Immersion is not KRI-affiliated

& Suggestions on how to Share & Grow the Technology

#1. The Original Students who asked for this Immersion, did not ask for it.

 The Kundalini Immersions began from a donation-based studio in Austin, TX, because the students asking for it felt they had no other option. The KRI Trainings are usually at least $3,500 minimum, and my original students needed a powerful, in-depth Training that could give them the experience to confidently teach yoga around the world, that was more affordable. Most students in the 10 previous Trainings are between 18 - 40 years old, and have had much less disposable income than most older yogis.  These Yogic Tools & Technology need to be available to everyone on Earth who feels called to it, regardless of their income level.  I was very fortunate to recieve a very huge discount off my Training from Mehtab Benton in Austin, TX, and hope that all will be able to share in that same spirit

Suggestion: Allow non-KRI Trainers to join with a KRI Trainer for a more affordable & KRI Certified Teacher Training

#2. From Maharaj to Mahan Tantric - the Construction of Yogi Bhajans Kundalini Yoga

This Peer-Reviewed Paper out of the University of California tells a very different story from the official version as taught in the KRI level 1 Trainings, and is shared as Truth in the Kundalini Community. The KRI team has made no effort to contradict or even acknowledge this paper, and thus seem to think it doesn't exist.  As Yogi Bhajan said, the people who never met him will experience the Teachings more powerfully than those who did, because we don't have any attachment to his human form, or captivating personality.  

The current KRI Training also devotes 1 of their 6 modules  (Cultivating Your Touch with the Master) exclusively to Yogi Bhajan, and is creating more of a personality cult that has nothing to do with YOU developing your personal connection to Source - whether you name it Waheguru - Ram - God, or Universe. This module is completely inappropriate for a yoga system designed to Awaken your Soul to your Highest Creative Power and Inner Guidance.  To spend so much time focused upon any human less than a true SatGuru is a limited vision of our spiritual potential. Yogi Bhajan acknowledged this, and challenged us to be better than he:    

"Don’t love me, love my teachings. Be ten times greater than me." - YB

"A teacher is the vehicle. You are not the destination of a person.  You are the path. Maintain that standard, you will be very happy." - YB

"I did not want to be a SatGuru, neither am I, nor was I, nor shall I ever be. Many people grow in stature and then want to be worshipped in their personal identity, rather than taking people to their infinite identity" - YB  pg. 50 Aquarian Teacher

Suggestion: Spend much less time on Yogi Bhajan, and more time on the lives of the SatGurus who lived in the True state of Yoga such as Guru Nanak& the other Sikh Gurus.  The Truth Guru Nanak came to share is the Heart of the Kundalini Teachings - Love All, Serve All, and Chant the Name of God.

#3 - A Limited Exploration of the Chakra System, Raising Kundalini, and Tantric Circular Breathing by KRI

The current KRI curriculum has to spend time on some subjects which are not the most useful for a person looking to explore their inner worlds & create lasting change. Therefore, more vital subjects have been limited. The Chakra functions, their relation to Kundalini Yoga, and their daily affect upon you is covered for about one day in the KRI Training.  As this Immersion has evolved, Eastern Body Western Mind has become an equally important book we use to practice, discuss and live in the world of each Chakra for the entire month.

The central practice and methods for Raising Kundalini Energy are also lightly covered by KRI, and nowadays the ancient and Universal practice of using a full Tantric Breath to circulate energy up & back down into the Navel is never taught, even though there are wonderful explanations in older Kundalini Manuals. (Sexuality & Spirituality pg 153-157)

Suggestion: Spend less time on Yoga Bhajan stories and video classes, and more time delving into energetic anatomy and self-reflection for each student in order to aid deeper spiritual growth.

#4 - Is Copyrighting Ancient Yogic Techniques & Wisdom an Aquarian Value of this Practice?  

I have personally felt called, by Yogi Bhajan through his words, and my own heart, to share these techniques without reservation to anybody who asks.  In a digital age, it is unneccesary to charge everyone for the production costs of printing manuals.  In a normal training, a student would have to spend many hundreds of dollars more on books just to access the wider teachings in the Kundalini lineage, which seems to be the opposite of what the Aquarian Age is about.  Other teachers and I have scanned 20+ Manuals together, and share the digital files with anyone who asks for it.  I believe we could work together to print maybe a small 25 page booklet to distribute freely to those interested in Yoga - like the free copies of Japji or The Bible that are distributed by their True Believers.

"I pass on this knowledge freely and I exchange it with you as a brotherhood or family. It is meant to be shared.  As God, Guru Ram Das, and my teachers have given this knowledge to me, I am a postman who delivers it to you to share with others. If you are willing to get into that kind of sharing, that kind of love, you are welcome... wherever you are, there is no problem, and we stand ready to share and serve." - YB

"We exist to grow and to help those who need assistance. That is why Kundalini Teachers are not initiated.

"We Serve and Share, we do not push and proselytize. Truth and Authentic growth do not happen that way... I do want to share the secret science of Kundalini Yoga openly and widely so we can grow as human beings."

    -Yogi Bhajan            *All quotes from pg. 20 of the Aquarian Teacher

With the Intention of Sharing this practice of widely as possible, this Immersion has allowed students who have as little as $60 (along with many hours of work-trade) to receive the Teachings and participate in the full course.

Thank You for reading, and I wish you the best journey possible to discover your True Power and ability to Serve the Flow in your most Blissful Way. Sat Nam~

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