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Ecstatic Dance + Kirtan Recordings + Tour Dates


I began my musical journey as a percussionist in the middle school band, then left music for many years, and believed I had no musical ability whatsoever. Kundalini chanting inspired me to use my voice more, and after buying a harmonium, and became completely absorbed by Kirtan & Mantra Music.  This brought me to study music in Amritsar, India with renowned Sikh Ustadji Narinder Singh Sadhu.


In America, I have been fortunate to participate in Kirtan intensives with Jai Uttal, play with Simrit Kaur, Guru Singh, Gurunam, and the legendary Trevor Hall. 

I also love participating in and facilitating Ecstatic Dances, and go by the DJ name of Swahé. I hope you enjoy the music, and become as deeply absorbed into the Naad as I have!


May 9        Dallas - Ecstatic Dance

May 16      Philadelphia - Dance Medicine

May 17      Austin - Ecstatic Cacao Dance

May 19      Austin - Rising Suns

May 24      Minneapolis - Dance Church 

May 29      Toronto - Ecstatic Dance

May 30      Toronto - Chocolate Groove

May 31      NYC - Ecstatic Dance Lab

June 7        Austin - Ecstatic Cacao Dance

June 21      Austin - Ecstatic Cacao Dan

June 25-28 Alaska - Aquasension Festival

July 18       Berlin - Ecstatic Dance

August 7   Oslo - Ecstatic Cacao Dance      

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