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To Serve San Marcos La Laguna

with SuperFoods & Holistic Education



The Golden Temple is based upon The Golden Temple in Amritsar, India - an incredible example of true dharma in action, where thousands of people are fed and sheltered for free everyday, in the midst of a supremely uplifting environment of spiritual music and majesty.  Growing towards being a small representation of the primal Golden Temple of the Sikhs is a life-long mission, and will need thousands of hands involved over the next few decades.


It is estimated that 80% of children in San Marcos La Laguna are currently malnourished. This terrible situation affects the children in more ways than just their health. Because their brains don't get the proper nutrition, it is more difficult to learn in school, or to even care about learning in the first place.  In addition to this, most kids leave school at the age of 13 or 14 years old, and immediately begin working full-time as laborers or maids, if they are lucky to find the work.  There aren't too many options for creative expansion as young adults here, so many get into drugs & alcohol. 


Our Vision is to outgrow this situation in multiple ways.  First, we are growing as much organic food to give away as possible.  We have already planted 40+ Fruit Trees, and continually plant more each year. We have one pond, and are reshaping our farm to better retain water, along with designating areas to serve as major vegetable planting beds. The ideal is to have a major crop of heirloom corn will be ready every few months, and in the fall acquire our first goats and chickens to provide high quality raw milks, butters, and eggs; so vital for childrens brain development.  Bees nearby provide bee-pollen and medicinal honey.   We will be planting and growing superfoods, along with the many local super-herbs and plants that have been eaten here for centuries.


With Mother Natures' Magic, we plan to generate a mountainous excess of food, compost, nutrients, and knowledge to share.  Along with Yoga Trainings,  Holistic Educational Immersions, and Permaculture Design Courses, we will have youth summer camps where Mayan & Global kids will be inspired, encouraged, and enthused to become Permaculture & Peace Leaders.  


We will also be creating a medicinal line of products from the plants and herbs we grow on Tzansajcap (The Maya Kaq'chikel name for our mountain), and will generate explosive abundance that will provide many meaningful, sustainable, and well paying livelihoods for our neighbors, to whom we owe a great debt of gratitude.  Every Day we are desigining & working in harmony with the Earth, and learning from the Kaq'chikel people who have been doing so for eons.