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Serving Tzununá with each Celebration


Our model at Gaia is Mother Nature herself.  The healthiest and most abundant ecosystems are richly diverse, synergistic, and enable all life forms to thrive together.

Guatemala has an incredible amount of biodiversity and natural abundance, as well as serious problems at the same time. 

It is estimated that 50% of children in Tzununá are currently malnourished. This terrible situation affects the children in more ways than just their health. Because their brains don't get the proper nutrition, it is more difficult to learn in school, or to even care about learning in the first place.  In addition to this, most kids leave school at the age of 13 or 14 years old, and immediately begin working full-time as laborers or maids, if they are lucky to find the work.  There aren't too many options for creative expansion as young adults here, so many get into drugs & alcohol. 



Our Vision is to outgrow this situation in multiple ways.  First, have planted organic free food gardens each of the last two years.  We've already planted 20 Fruit Trees, and continually plant more each year.  We plan to grow more superfoods, along with the many local super-herbs and plants that have been eaten here for centuries.


With Mother Natures' Magic, we will generate an abundant yield of food, compost, nutrients, and knowledge to share.  Along with Yoga Trainings,  Holistic Educational Immersions, and Permaculture Design Courses, we are looking for a team to help host youth summer camps for Mayan & International kids to be inspired and encouraged to become Permaculture & Peace Leaders.  


Our Festivals and Trainings here generate abundance that provides many meaningful, sustainable, and well paying livelihoods for our neighbors, to whom we owe a great debt of gratitude.  We will continue working in harmony with the Earth, and learning from the Kaq'chikel people who have been doing so for eons.

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